Why Use An LED Backlit Exhibit Booth Display For Your Upcoming Trade Show?

Backlit exhibit booth displays have become highly popular for their attractiveness and versatility. These eye-catching displays can be very useful in many different circumstances. Whether you're representing your business at an industry convention or simply displaying your latest products at an electronics store, a backlit display works well. Here are several reasons why an LED backlit exhibit booth display is ideal for your upcoming trade show: 1. Stand Out With a Full-Color Display  [Read More]

Do You Really Need an Easel for Your Countertop Signs?

Customers can spend several minutes in line waiting to pay for the items they are purchasing from your business. This wait provides your customers with ample time to view anything that you have displayed on your checkout counter. Countertop signs that appeal to your captive audience can be a great way to distribute important information or advertise upcoming events and sales. If you really want your countertop signs to have an impact, consider investing in an easel holder. [Read More]