Ways To Reduce The Risk Of Your Business Being Involved In A Slip And Fall Accident Lawsuit

If a customer slips, trips or falls in your store, you could be held accountable for their injuries, lost wages and pain and suffering, if you should have known they could have fallen and could have prevented the accident. There are many different ways to prevent slip and fall accidents at your business and thus reduce the likelihood of being involved in one of the lawsuits. However, while most business owners know to place door mats by the doors, clean up spills immediately and remove tripping hazards, there are many other ways you can prevent slip and fall accidents that you may be unaware of. [Read More]

Book Sale Banners: Creating A Sign That Pops

Book sales are great ways for businesses to make extra money and bring a community together. Drawing people to a book sale requires proper planning and advertising. One way to draw the attention of shoppers and drivers is with a large banner. Creating a banner for your book sale is a great way to draw attention to the event before it occurs and will help you get random customers on the day of the sale. [Read More]