Book Sale Banners: Creating A Sign That Pops

Book sales are great ways for businesses to make extra money and bring a community together. Drawing people to a book sale requires proper planning and advertising. One way to draw the attention of shoppers and drivers is with a large banner. Creating a banner for your book sale is a great way to draw attention to the event before it occurs and will help you get random customers on the day of the sale. Five different methods will help you create a memorable banner that can even be saved for future book sale events.

Book Styled Fonts

Draw attention to your sign with a detailed font that emulates and gives off a feel of literary history. The following fonts are related directly to books and will encompass the themes of the sale.

  • Old Book G: This free font features thick letters that are easy to read from a distance. The style and design is similar to many old printing presses and looks like it could come from the pages of a classic novel.
  • Royal Font: Showcase antique books with this elegant font. The font features a lot of details in the letters, creating a great look for high quality banner prints.
  • SL Book Arts: Add some bookends to your banner title with this symbol font. The font features a variety of book symbols, including a shelf of books, open books, and a classic printing press.

Genre Symbols

Adding some free clip art symbols can easily showcase the types of books available at your book sale. For mystery and thriller books, you can use symbols like a magnifying glass or a key. For romance novels, you can showcase symbols like hearts or flowers. For children's books, you can feature a cartoon character or animal.

Spread these symbols out over your sign to give a general idea of what types of books you have to offer. The symbols often speak for themselves so you do not need to add extra text or wording that can be hard to read.


Draw attention to the text of your banner by adding a border. The border of the banner will naturally draw eyes to the focal point on the center. It also makes the design look nice and even as the banner is hung over your business or near a street.

Different types of border designs you can consider includes various types of books. To help advertise the sale, money symbols can also be used as a border. A whimsical border can be used for the banner, too. This includes something like a bookworm design.

Letter Replacements

When writing out text like "Book Sale," you can easily replace the letters with a symbol to represent the sale. One of the simplest symbols to replace is the "S" with a "$." The "L" in sale can also be replaced with a detailed spine of a book. This will help draw attention to the text and get more people to read the sign.

If your book sale offers additional items like DVDs, then the "O" letters can be replaced with DVD disc images. When replacing letters, you should limit it to one or two letters so that the banner can still be easily read.

Dates & Times

The dates and times on your sign are important so people can understand when to show up for the book sale. As you adjust the date and time text on your banner, you will want it to stand out and be easily read.

One of the best methods for doing this is by adding an outer stroke to the text. The outer stroke essentially adds a border to each letter. This will help the letters stand out from the background. The stroke color should be in contrast to the text color. For example, if you have black letters, a white outer stroke will help the letters stand out, as long as you have a colored background. Follow a contrasting color wheel to select the best options for your text stroke.

When the banner is printed, you can cover up the date and time to use it again for future years. The high quality of a banner will last for numerous years if kept under proper care. For more information, contact a local printing or advertising company that specializes in banners