Things To Discuss With Your Designer When Having A Custom Channel Letter Sign Made

Channel letter signs are a popular way for different types of businesses to identify their stores. If you're opening up a new shop, then you should consider a channel letter sign, even if your store has other signage. These signs are custom-made, so you have a lot of choices in how your sign will look. You'll need to work with a design service to create your sign, but you'll still have several decisions to make. Here are some things to discuss with your designer.

The Size And Location

These signs come in different sizes. The designer considers the size of your building and whether your shop is very far from the street when choosing the best size for the letters. You want your sign to be seen from the street and parking lot, but you don't want huge letters that overpower the building.

Channel letter signs are often placed along the top front of the building above the entry, but they can also be placed lower on the side of your shop. The location for the sign is one of the first decisions you need to make so the designer knows how much room they have to work with.

The Font And Color

Fonts are important in marketing and for signs. Different fonts convey different messages about your business. You might want a casual font or one that looks more professional. When you start working with a channel letter sign design service, you let them know your ideas and wants. The designer can then offer alternative suggestions if necessary. For instance, you might choose a font that looks nice on a vinyl sign but that would be too difficult to read on a lit channel letter sign.

Color is important too. The color and font you select for a shop that caters to kids would be different from a combination you select for selling high-end clothing to adults. A designer can help you choose the right letters to make so the sign reflects the type of business you operate.

The Lighting

You'll probably want your letters to light up at night, but they don't have to. However, even if your shop closes early, a lit sign can continue to advertise late into the night. Lighting is essential if your shop is open at night or the letters won't be seen. Channel letters are made individually. Each is a separate sign and has its own lighting.

The letters can be lit within so the letters can be read easily. This is possible since the signs are usually fabricated from acrylic that has a transparent quality when lit. The letters can also be surrounded with a halo of light for added visual appeal.