Useful Steps to Take When Buying Furniture Sales Tags

If you have a furniture business, you need a way to provide pricing information to consumers in a convenient way. That's what sales tags can help you accomplish. Read on to learn about buying furniture sales tags.

Put an Emphasis on Size

Sizing truly does matter when you go to buy furniture sales tags because you need there being plenty of space for the information you put on them. The larger the sales tag, the more room you'll have for convenient writing. However, larger sales tags will cost more.

To avoid getting sales tags that are too large, order a couple of different sizes and try writing on each. Then you will know which size is appropriate and the most convenient to use time and time again.

Make Sure String Hole Is Durable

Once you put sales tags on furniture, you want them remaining on the piece of furniture until you sell them to interested customers. A sales tag's ability to remain on furniture is determined by the hole it has up at the top where strings go to secure the tags onto furniture.

You want these rings to be protected by some sort of material, such as thicker paper or maybe even laminate. Then there won't be the constant worry of the attached string tearing through the hole and the tag coming off the furniture. That would confuse your customers, which you can fortunately avoid. 

Go With a Rigid Design

In addition to a high-quality, durable string hole, you also want the sales tag itself to be durable. Then you won't have to replace these tags often. They will hold up just fine no matter what sort of furniture they're placed on.

It's always a good idea to go with a rigid sales tag design. Then your tags won't be as susceptible to bending or tearing, even if they're put through a lot of force. They can remain flat and easy to read as customers pass by, looking to know more about how much your furniture costs.

Showing customers pricing information on furniture is made easy thanks to sales tags. You can find a bunch today, featuring different shapes, sizes, and even colors. If you focus on the more practical aspects of these tags, then nothing stands in your way of choosing quality tags that serve their purpose for however long you need them to. 

For more information, contact furniture sales tags suppliers.