Awning Design Suggestions

Figuring out just how to design the awning for your new business' storefront takes time. You know you need your own logo to be on there, and something about the design has to match up with what your business does. But if you leave it at that, you could have a rather boring awning. A background design makes your awning stand out. 

Corporate Sponsor Colors

You've no doubt seen awnings with corporate logos on them, like soda brands at markets or hot dog brands at delis with outdoor seating and table umbrellas. But you can also see about using the colors as a different way of signaling your connection if you don't want to use the logo itself. You may need to ask permission from the company, but many companies are happy to have the extra visibility.

Community Connections

If your business is linked to a particular community, like a British goods shop in the United States, link the design of the awning to the community. That could be through using flag colors or markings, or even a graphic from a well-known brand back home (be sure you can legally use it, of course). 

If the community is known for things such as tree-lined streets, for example, incorporate trees, leaves, and even streets into the design. You could also just use colors, such as green and whatever color the trees' flowers usually are.

Whatever Your Next-Door Neighbors Aren't Using

You may be a business, but you're not an island. Chances are there are other businesses near you that have awnings as well. Be sure you choose colors and designs that are not the same as what those other awnings closest to yours use. You'd just blend in and be less apparent to passersby, who might think your business is part of the one next door.

Awning colors can always change, but these changes cost money, meaning your neighbors might not be so keen to keep changing theirs. You have a pretty good chance of standing out for a long time. (There is always the chance that a business next door will be sold, but then the new owners there will likely want to avoid having an awning that looks like yours.)

Many sign companies have designers on hand or can recommend designers to help you create an awning you will like to look at for years. Whether you go with eye-popping colors or an intricate design, your awning should have graphics and colors that draw people in.