Professional, Highly-Visable Signage For Better Promotions

Every business has to start somewhere, but some fresh businesses can get downright sloppy. Unless you're appealing to a specific crowd that you can prove with a research study in your area, there's no reason to advertise your business on cardboard panels with markers. Printed letters are more uniform and easier to understand, but there's a right and wrong way to use organized lettering. To keep your business appearance at a high level as you maintain a budget, consider a few signage and information board tips.

White Space Is Vital

No matter what you see on Facebook posts or amateur handouts, large walls of text are terrible to read for most people. Sure, information can be read if it's absolutely required, but for the most part, your business is dealing with people who have better things to do than crunch through a giant block of text.

What constitutes a "wall of text"? Different writing styles and requirements cite various numbers, but try to keep your paragraphs between 2-4 sentences. These aren't official numbers, but the difference is what makes white space so important.

White space gives a reader's eyes a break from reading. Reading can be tiresome, and most adults who attended K-12 education will already know what they consider daunting or unattractive in terms of reading material. Breaks in paragraphs help readers skim to other parts of the material, and it's easier for readers to store short concepts from each paragraph statements.

Using individual lettering such as one inch letter board plastic letters or decals can give you even more versatility, but don't go too wild. Spreading out letter too far can create a delay as the eyes search for the next letter while putting together the words. One or two words separated for aesthetics is fine, but if you're giving instructions or describing products, don't make potential customers work too much.

Plastic Letters For Rewrite Convenience

One reason that plastic lettering is used so often is because you don't have to print out more pages. Information becomes old or irrelevant, and printing out multiple handouts for every announcement may not be economically viable if every pamphlet isn't returning significant profits. Letter boards do a much better job for information that isn't directly profitable.

You do need to plan your letter purchases well, as not enough letters will get in the way of sophisticated messages and too many letters may be a waste of money. Look through your past statements and consider the letter usage, or send your past statements and advertising materials to a letter board professional to get an industry-supported estimate.

Contact a letter board and plastic lettering professional to discuss supplies, board types, and versatile messaging to keep your customer-facing communications as professional and easy to read as possible.