Lighting the Way: How Illuminated Signs Work

Illuminated signs serve as a potent asset for businesses, providing heightened visibility, boosting sales, and enticing customers. These signs come alive with light, making them hard to miss, especially during the night or in low light conditions. But how do these illuminated signs work? This blog post will delve into the science and technology behind illuminated signs. Types of Illuminated Signs Illuminated signs come in two primary forms: those that are internally lit and those that are externally lit. [Read More]

3 Important Advantages Of Sign Light Retrofitting With Eco-Friendly Alternatives

Sustainability is a crucial factor that most businesses consider when looking at ways to cut overall costs. As such, finding innovative approaches for decreasing a company's ecological impact is important. One option is sign light retrofitting, in which the existing sign lighting is replaced with more energy-efficient LED alternatives. This solution boasts several environmental and financial benefits that businesses can take advantage of, regardless of the industry. 1) Lower energy usage and reduced utility bills [Read More]