Do You Really Need an Easel for Your Countertop Signs?

Customers can spend several minutes in line waiting to pay for the items they are purchasing from your business. This wait provides your customers with ample time to view anything that you have displayed on your checkout counter.

Countertop signs that appeal to your captive audience can be a great way to distribute important information or advertise upcoming events and sales.

If you really want your countertop signs to have an impact, consider investing in an easel holder.

Set the Right Height

The visibility of a countertop sign will depend largely on the height at which the sign is displayed. Without an easel to hold your sign in place, you only have one option when it comes to display height.

Display easels are adjustable and can be raised or lowered to ensure that all customers waiting in line at your store are able to read the signs you have paid good money to print.

Secure Your Sign

Custom signage isn't cheap. If you want to ensure you are getting a return on your custom sign investment, the signs you print must remain securely in place at all times.

An easel holder can help hold countertop signs upright. You will never have to worry about your countertop signs sliding off the counter when they are displayed on an easel.

By keeping your signs upright and off the floor, a display easel will contribute to the overall effectiveness and longevity of your countertop communications.

Maintain Your Store's Aesthetic

You probably don't want your company's countertop to clash with the ambiance you have worked so hard to create within your store.

The way that you choose to display your countertop signs can have a direct impact on the overall aesthetic of the space.

Leaning a sign against something or taping it to the front of the countertop can cheapen the look of your store. Display easels can be used to maintain the beauty and vibe of your retail space.

Customized easels are available to help you further promote your aesthetic when displaying signage on your store's countertops.

Signs play a major role in the marketing and advertising of any business. If you regularly display signs on the countertop near your cash register, you might want to contact a company such as Plastic Displays And Fixtures Co. Inc. which sells display easels. The easel will protect your signs against damage, increase the visibility of your signs, and help you promote a polished and professional look within your store.