What You Need To Know About Having A "Home For Sale" Sign In Your Yard

When you sell your home, whether that's through an agent or on your own, you'll likely end up wth a sign in your yard. The sign should have your agent's contact information on it (or yours, if you're trying to avoid going through an agent), but it's not just your agent who needs to monitor the sign. As the current property owner, you need to make sure the sign stays in presentable condition.

Weather Can Affect the Sign's Alignment

These "house for sale" signs are fairly lightweight and won't damage your yard. However, if the weather decides to turn severe, the sign could end up looking terrible. Soaked soil could allow the sign to list to one side or even fall over; hail could batter the sign as well. Dust storms and intense heat in the summer, depending on where you live, could obscure and warp the sign.

Unfortunately, a dirty sign or one that is damaged, even in a minor way, can lower your chances of selling for your desired price. People might wonder what condition the house is really in if you can't take care of a measly sign. The phone number on the sign can be obscured, too, making it difficult for those driving by to see the number in the first place.

Take a look at the sign each day. All it takes is a few minutes to straighten the sign or wipe it off; if the sign is badly damaged, you can remove it and replace it (if the sign was added by a real estate agent, talk to them before removing the sign).

People May Show up at Your Door

Be prepared for a few people to show up at your door and try to see your house. While it's true that people drive around on their own to find for-sale signs that might not have been listed the last time their agents checked for houses, you don't have to let people in. One, your house may not be in presentable shape for a sale, and two, you don't know if these people are actually there to see the house for a potential sale, or to case it to see what valuables you have. A good sign will state very clearly that the house is for sale, and that can attract an unsavory element.

When you want to have a home for sale sign in your yard, you need to ensure the sign remains in good condition and that the phone number to call is very clear. If an open house is planned, you can add a smaller sign as an attachment detailing when the open house is happening.