First Trade Show? 3 Strategies For Marketing Your Start Up

Presenting your company to the biggest and brightest minds in your industry is the perfect way to get your startup noticed, and you can't wait to start seeing those new leads rolling in as your build consumer interest in your products. However, you can't help but feel as though there's more you should be doing to build anticipation than just sending out email blasts and constantly posting on social media. As you prep for your big event, use these tips to get your brand in a position to get the most returns on your investment.

Try to Line Up a Speaking Position

Speakers at conferences tend to enjoy little perks such as reduced ticket prices and discounts on their booth space. While reducing your expenses is great, gaining a speaking position elevates you to being a relevant expert in your industry. It also makes you more approachable, and you will find that potential customers and thought leaders alike will be more likely to check out your booth. Before your speaking event, find out what you can do to enhance your brand's visibility. For example, hanging vinyl banners with your brand name and logo in the background makes it stick in people's mind while you impress them with your industry expertise.

Get The Right Signage

Everything at your trade show booth should represent the highest level of professionalism. This means that those computer-printed signs you use around the office will not do for attracting attention. Instead, get custom signs made that represent the quality that your business places as a priority. Having well-designed signs makes all the difference for creating a professional appearance when people pose at your booth for photographs or you post photos on social media highlighting the event.

Know How to Work the Media

Many trade shows and conferences have a media list that can be used if your company is sharing new information within the industry. Think about what startup is bringing to the table, and ask the trade show organizers for a copy of the list. Then, contact a few relevant people from the media, and let them know what new information you will be sharing. When they arrive, make sure that your banners are clearly visible in any media footage so that you get free advertising every time your story hits the air.

Getting your startup noticed as an industry leader takes time, and attending trade shows is a great way to increase your visibility. By making sure that everyone knows what your booth represents, you can look forward to seeing this marketing maneuver pay off in increased consumer interest.

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