4 Questions to Help You Find the Best Sign-Repair Company in Your Area

When your business's sign is damaged, it's important to get it repaired as soon as possible. You shouldn't just hire the first sign-repair company you find to fix your sign, though. It's important to find a company that will quickly repair your sign and do a good job. Here are four questions you can ask sign-repair companies to find the best one in your area.

Will You Provide a Written Estimate Before Doing Any Work?

A sign-repair company may not want to provide an estimate over the phone because they can't accurately assess the materials and time that the job will require without seeing your sign in person. They should, however, be happy to provide a written estimate prior to doing any work. An estimate tells you how much the job should cost so you can compare prices with other sign-repair companies and budget for the expense.

Do You Make Signage In-House or Outsource the Work?

The sign-repair company you hire will likely need to replace the damaged portion of your company's sign with new signage. Some repair companies create their own signage while others outsource the actual making of new signage to a partner.

In order to have your company's sign repaired as soon as possible, you'll want to look for a sign-repair company that makes their own signage. Outsourcing the work can delay a repair, as the sign-repair company must order any new signage that's needed from another company and wait for the signage to come in. If everything is done by the same company, the new signage doesn't need to be shipped from one company to another. The entire process is streamlined and faster.

Can You Help My Company Obtain Any Necessary Permits?

While most signs can be repaired without a permit, sometimes a company must get a permit before fixing a sign. You might need to obtain a permit from the local government where your company's sign is located if you either want to make changes to the sign while repairing it or have an abnormally large sign.

If a permit is necessary, you'll want to look for a sign-repair company that will help you file the necessary paperwork to get a permit. While you could file for any required permits yourself, it would take time to identify which municipal or county offices deal with signage permits.

Do You Offer Ongoing Maintenance Services?

If your company's signage has been damaged once, you may want to take steps to prevent it from breaking again. There are several maintenance items that can be performed to extend the lifespan of your company's sign. For instance, cleaning interior wiring trays and drain holes can help prevent moisture from building up, and lubricating moving parts can ensure everything functions properly. Additionally, someone can check to make sure all electronic components are working properly, clean your signage, and look for cracks. Identifying small issues early can prevent them from becoming major problems and breaking your company's sign. 

Choosing a sign-repair company that offers both repair and maintenance services could let you combine a repair service call with a maintenance appointment and possibly save money by doing so.

Do You Specialize in Any Specific Kinds of Signs?

Most sign-repair companies service many kinds of signs, but some specialize in on particular type. For instance, a company might focus on digital signs, billboards, pole signs, signs on awnings, or sidewalk signs. Unless your sign is large or complex, you may want to avoid specialized sign-repair companies because they may charge more than generalized companies.

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